Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Garden by the bay

Hey Ralph it has been a long time since we last met .Are you coming to Singapore anytime soon? .As there is this awesome place that u just have to see. The place is called “Gardens by the bay” .This garden of which I had the pleasure of visiting evidently shows the relationship between nature and culture. Not to mention displays of architectural proficiency that  also plays a significant part of the attraction that can only be seen at Gardens by the bay. Another  major attraction is the individual cultural themed gardens that accurately show cases the ethnicity of each race .I myself managed to learn a thing or two about the other races and I am certain that you would really enjoy the diverse range of plant life that is said be from the world’s four corners  and the exotic species of insects that is easily noticeable throughout the garden. However there is still plenty more attractions to see perhaps more than you can fit in a day! .I hope that this blog had enticed you as I truly believe that   the garden will appeal to your nature-loving side and redefines   your outlook on   architectural design .With that I end this blog entry and I hope  to see u soon.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Gardens By The Bay

Three distinctive waterfront gardens in the Marina Bay area – Gardens at Marina South, Gardens at Marina East, and Gardens at Marina Centre.Gardens By The Bay  will showcase garden craftsmanship and floral artistry at its finest. It will capture the essence of Singapore as the premier tropical Garden City with the perfect environment in which to live and work.Gardens by the Bay encompasses  three distinctive waterfront gardens: Gardens at Marina South, Gardens at Marina East, and Gardens at Marina Centre.Gardens at Marina South, a garden of colour, vibrancy and edutainment will have vibrant displays of tropical blooms and incorporating an outdoor concert and events area and a flower fairground.Key attractions in Gardens at Marina South includes two cool conservatory complexes and the iconic supertrees. Occupying 2.3 hectares, the conservatories will be the first of their kind in a tropical country, showcasing flowers from temperature zones.The supertrees, ranging in height from 30 metres to 50 metres, will also be the first of their kind. The tallest of the supertrees will house an exclusive F&B outlet offering wonderful views of the Marina Bay. Marina Centre will serve as an urban connector between the two gardens.

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I believe that everyone is having fun despite the weather is rather hot and humid.

To all foreigners and people who have never been to garden by the bay before, I would strongly recommend you to come down and see the beautiful garden we have in Singapore.

There are mainly five attractions that are free and open to public. The places are World of plants, super tree grove, Heritage garden, dragon and Kingfisher Lakes and Bay east garden.

When you step into World of Plants, you get to find out how plants disperse their seeds, how mushrooms benefit rainforest communities, how plants adapt to adverse environments and who knows you get to see some of the most primitive plants on earth.

Super tree grove is quite similar to world of plants as both shows great diversity of different plants. The unique about super trees is that it has the height of a building 16 storey in height can be found all around the Gardens.

If you want to learn the history and culture of Singapore’s three main ethnic groups and colonial past, the best place that I would like to recommend is the heritage garden as it is a collection of four themed gardens which are Chinese ,Malay, Indian colonial known as Eurasian.

One place where you can learn the eco system is at dragon and Kingfisher Lakes .As you take a stroll on the boardwalk of the Dragonfly Lake you get to discover interesting facts like plants act as a natural eco-filter to cleanse water that has been captured from run-offs or pumped in from the connecting Marina reservoir. Filter beds comprising aquatic reeds are strategically located where the water enters and discharges from the lake system.

,Bay east garden has beautiful pavilions with wide open lawns, have swaying palm trees and waist-high flowering shrubs where you can admire the modern Marina Bay financial district skyline from along its 2km waterfront promenade.



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